The importance of having a healthy relationship is probably more so than you think. It’s such a huge part of your life and it needs to be taken care of and treated with abundance of love and enjoyment, which might sound super obvious but, here are a few tips I have picked up and thought would be helpful for you!

I’ve been in my current relationship for about 2 and bit years, so I’m not saying I am a pro at this stuff at all. But I have lived around both unhealthy and healthy loves over my 19 years on this planet.

I think firstly you need to have communication down packed, I think if you can’t be ‘bothered’ or ‘you don’t care’ to tell your significant other something important then you lack respect for them and thats not fair. It’s also not right to ever feel what you have to say is wrong or not worth speaking up, you need to have these serious confronting conversations because there will be a time in your relationship where you can’t just ignore things. So you may as well get practise in on the small things! This is also huge if you are doing long distance, my relationship struggled with this at the beginning and I promise you it will be so so so much easier to do if you both keep the communication lines open and comfortable.

Appreciation, I don’t even know how much I need to get into this because it should be obvious. Buuuuut, If your partner is having a hard day, week, month, then show them love and affection. Tell them their worth to you, smother them in affection and make them forget about what upset them in the first place. It’s also always such a treat no matter where you are in a relationship if you surprise them with something special (small or big) it is the most heart melting feeling and never gets old!

Continue to date, this is the most exciting stuff in the beginning of the relationship so why should you stop?! The dates will only get better because you will both be so much more comfortable with each other as time goes on. So go and do some tacky mini golf or bowling and remember to laugh and enjoy the moment, because times like these are precious.

You already know it but, honesty is the best policy. If somethings bothering you or if something has upset you, there is a 99% chance that they didn’t know about it, so let them know and be straight up. Trust me you will feel way better afterwards.

LOVE YOURSELF, if you’ve ever watched Ru Paul’s Drag Race you will know the line of “if you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else” and it’s true, you can’t be unhappy with yourself and than expect someone else to love you before you. No, it doesn’t work like that. Start today by engraving it all over yourself, paint it on your eyelids that you are enough and always will be. Find ways to constantly remind yourself that you’re fucking awesome.

Basically, my tips here are to love openly and respectfully but embrace flaws of your own and others, you will thank me later when you see how much easier and less stressful life is living by these small little tips.

holz xx