One of my favourite things about traveling is finding cool food spots and cafes. So I thought I would dedicate a post to the cool eatery’s that I found in Hawaii, as there was so many and they were so different from our ones here in New Zealand!

I find that brunches are usually the easiest places to find, and that proved itself here in Hawaii too, I usually go to any cafe for a coffee and find myself eating a brunchy meal as well. So here are a list of the places I went to and loved!

Heavenly Cafe – this was actually connected to a hotel but you don’t even realise until you’re seated. It has a  lovely peaceful Hawaiian vibe to it and has a really affordable menu, so if you’re on a budget go here! Also tip: you should get there for 8:30AM if you want breakfast as the line starts to form after that for god knows how long!










ARVO – This is an Australian Styled cafe, so very similar food to NZ so it’s a nice if you’re not much of an adventurous eater or you just want some Vegemite on toast! Very modern looks so it’s super photogenic!


Local Joes – The is was such a cute corner local cafe in Downtown, however if you are driving here parking is a bitch. So drive around the block a few times something will become free eventually. Just don’t go there if your on a time a crunch. What initially bought me to this cafe was their personalised Coffee. You can take a photo in and have it printed on to your coffee. Crazy right? As you can see I got my dog printed on mine!




I don’t have many for dinners, but I would like to share them regardless. My favourite dinner places was Bills, which is a super yummy and food most people I believe, however it is on the pricey side. Which brings me to my cheaper alternative. Which is Cheese Burger Waikiki, this place has such good cheeseburgers and fries for such an affordable price so I recommend checking them out if you have the chance and you need a cheap dinner option.

Desserts and Treats, my holy grail all time favourite and I’m sure most of yours reading this!

Wow Wow Lemonade, you can’t go to Hawaii and not get lemonade. So put this place on your list to go to and grab the strawberry and pineapple lemonade! It’s the best on the menu, you’ll thank me later.











Banan Bowls is also a goodie, it is down one of the alley ways by Waikiki Beach. This is the perfect refresher when you’re over heating at the beach. We got the papaya bowl, I’m mad I didn’t get any pictures of the actual food but it’s super pretty and fruity!

You also have to go to the Dole Plantation and try their pineapple Whip, it’s a god sent. I was pleasantly surprised with how damn good this actually was. Get yourself one of these, you will not regret!

Another must have is shaved ice, because it’s very simple you can really get it from anywhere and make sure you do at least once. It’s so yummy and such an instant cool down you are stupid to not have it while you’re there.

Lappert’s Ice Cream & Coffee is a really cute old school styled counter in the Hilton Village. They have so many flavours to choose from, I got the cashew, caramel and turtle flavour and holy moly it was heaven in a cone! Unfortunately we never tried the coffee there so please let me know what it’s like if you get the chance.

Finally I have to end this post with the most phenomenal dessert of all. The Pineapple Creme Brule, I don’t even have words for this. Just go to Tommy Bahamas and get this and just let the blessed taste sit in your mouth. It’s honestly that good!

I had the best time in Hawaii, make sure you check out my Travel Diary from being there and I hope if you’re going to Hawaii you try one of these awesome places out!

holz xx