I wanted to do a quick blog post before I go away on what I am taking in my makeup bag to Hawaii, as it’s an island it’s 30 degrees there, I don’t need much. This can apply for any hot, island or short holiday you may have coming up. In this post I will just be showing you the essentials and what I think are best suited for a trip like this. When packing for a trip I tend to think less is more, especially going to the US because Sephora and Ulta will be filling my bag no doubt.

I’m going to start with the base, so usually when I am anywhere hot I know that my foundation will literally melt off so a  I tend to use an SPF based BB Cream or just concealer in the areas I need. So that’s exactly what I am doing for Hawaii. My Current favourite BB has been the REN Satin Perfection and the Concealer I’ve been loving is the Urban Decay Naked Skin. I will blend both of these in with a beauty blender so it soaks into my skin instead of it having the chance to sit on the top of my skin if I used a brush.

Secondly, a tip I tell people is to always use liquids, so liquid bronzer, blush and highlights. Because you can often see the powders on your skin when you’re in a hot and humid environment, vs when your skin heats up it will more likely blend the liquids in. I have a few liquids however, Nars ranges some of the best liquid skin products I’ve used, so I will defiantly be taking some of there things with me.

Thirdly, MINIS! These are the best things for travelling, any mini things you can find are awesome. I have a mini mascara, primer and liquid highlighter which are all things I will be using on this trip. You can get minis from everywhere The Body Shop, Kmart, Sephora, Khiels etc. You will thank me later when you see how much room they save!

Finally, a facial spray of some sort. All facial sprays tend to do the same thing so it’s just up to you which one you like, but this is the perfect thing to have with you on a island trip to cool you down, to freshen up and all that good stuff. This is defiantly a must have in my make up bag when travelling!


Of course this isn’t everything, I will defiantly be taking my brow products from the my brow gal you guys know how much I love their stuff. As well as eyeshadows and lip products. But I thought I best keep this short and sweet, with only the necessary  tips for travelling. Let me know if you’ve got any trips coming up and where you’re off to!


holz xx