This Christmas season I’ve seen so many advent calendars around from so many companies like make up, fashion, accessories, kids, mens etc. So I decided this year I would make my own. This advent calendar can be made for anyone, your mum, your dad,  your siblings literally anyone. Mine however, is specifically made for my boyfriend and I know he’s going to love it! Anyways, lets get into it!!

So this calendar is super easy and affordable to make, the only negative is that it’s quite time consuming so maybe get some tunes going or watch some youtube at the same time, as it doesn’t take a lot of concentration just time.

First things first, go out and find a stick outside, mine was from the beach, but if you have park local or something like that you will be sweet! THe length of your advent calendar is completely up to you, so pick a stick that you’re happy with for the length. Then the second thing you will need is some paper bags. Mine are from Kmart they are $3 for 20 (such an annoying amount) I had to buy 2 obviously because I needed 24. Then, you will also need some string to thread the bags through, and then you are done with you tools! That is literally all you need!

Once you’ve got those and you are happy with your sizing of your bags vs stick ratio. You will need to draw on the numbers, and I’m telling you now. Don’t get dishearten as it does take some time but trust me it’s worth it! You will also need to find what you want to put inside the bags, it will obviously be dependant on the person. For me I did Chocolates that I knew Daniel would like, I also added home made vouchers in a few of them a long the way.

Finally you will have to attach them to the string. It’s as easy as it sounds, hole punch the tops of the bags. If what you’re putting inside the bags are a bit heavy I would advise you to sellotape the tops where the holes will go for extra strength. You now just thread the string through the bag holes in number order (obviously) and then you’re done. And it should look something like this below…

It’s as simple as that, I know this is a very basic advent calendar but hopefully it gives you inspiration to make something similar or just to get into the Christmas spirit. I’m such a Christmas fairy and I’m looking forward to Christmas so much!

Let me know what Christmas things you traditionally do or something new that you’re going to try this year!


holz xx