This is what I think of when you talk about the most ever changing beauty trend in everyones style, I love how beauty changes so much in general. However, BROWS have had the most insane and drastic changes in my opinion. Looking back over just the last 10 years you can see how the popular brow in each era are all so very different. Which brings me to November 2017 brows for me, Holly.

So, personally I’ve never had the fullest eyebrows out there, to be honest I actually have next to no hair around my brow area, which is why my brow routine is probably very different to yours. So, first thing first my eyebrows are as they come. I have never plucked, waxed, tinted or touched my brows in anyway – i’m quite lucky with that, the main reason I don’t is purely so I don’t have to continuously do yet ANOTHER thing as a girl and also because I can easily fill my brows in and go and they look fine to me.

I recently mentioned on my Instagram story a week or so ago about the products from the brow gal nz which I have been using non stop since I received, and I’m not kidding you guys these products are gems. I tend to lean towards the pomades as that’s what I have been using in the past such as the ChiChi Pomade, the E.LF and the Benefit one. However, with the brow gal I’ve been using their pomade which is called the Convertible Brow as you can use it, wet or dry! How cool is that? So I’ve been using that then topping it off with the clear brow gel to keep them in place all day!

If you are more into pencils I have used a few in the past and I find them harder to use for definition but perfect for an on the go brow. I have been using the brow gal pencil at the moment and my favourite part is that it comes with a pencil sharpener on the lid (it’s seriously the little things you guys!). I also always grab the shade taupe whenever it comes to brows, but in the brow gal range the pencils are super pigmented making the taupe colour a little darker than what I expected, so if you have fairer brows go up a shade! Make sure you are always setting your brows no matter what for that fluffy model like brow, it looks stunnnnning!!

I have been feeling so much more confident with my brows lately as that has never my strong suit in make up, and I’ve been getting so many compliments lately about my brows so I know these products have been doing something! So if you struggle with finding your personal brow style, start off light handed and brush through your natural shape with a pencil and you will slowly become more and more confident with how you do your brows. Remember make up isn’t a tattoo you can always wash it off so don’t be scared to try new looks, and just have fun!!!


Everything I have talked about in this post is available online at The Brow Gal so go over there now and get some new goodies, they’re also a perfect gift idea coming up to Christmas! Let me know your brow tips and the products you’ve been loving recently, I always love trying new things out.


holz xx