I’m going to Hawaii, I am off to Hawaii in December so keep your eyes open for the travel pics and advice! I am off with my amazing boyfriend and it’s going to be so much fun.

I’m loving vlogs, I’ve been watching so many vlogs and travel diaries I think it’s such an honest way to see what people do in their day to day lives. I’ve been super into it at the moment.

I’ve been munching on homemade fruit salad for breaky, I’m usually such a cereal/toast kind of girl but every day for the last 2 weeks I have been slicing up bananas, strawberries, kiwifruit and mandarins with passion fruit yogurt on top. It’s been such a tasty summery meal!

I’ve been sipping on lemon water and iced coffee. I don’t think it’s any different they’re what I like pretty much all year round but I have been super happy with all my iced caramel lattes lately. If you could suggest something new to try please do!

I’ve been watching either youtube or desperate housewives from the beginning because it’s just that iconic! Recently I did watch Lady Gaga’s documentary on Netflix and that explains in depth a lot about her and a person and an artist, she is a very cool lady.  

I’ve been working on doing more things that benefit my career and moving me forward. So I am trying to get more into blogging and being active on all my social media platforms. I am not sure how I can best do this but I am trying to organise my time a lot better.

I’ve been listening to my Spotify playlist every day while working, but my current favourite songs are Tennessee Whiskey by Stan Walker (so random), 20 Something by SZA and Honey by Kehlani. Depending on your music taste you should defianlty check my playlist out or at least one of those 3 songs list above.

My bank has decreased due to bikinis, I have been buying so much swimwear lately I get so excited for summer that I over buy swim wear that I won’t wear next year. I’m stupid, don’t do this!

I’ve been planning my trip to Hawaii and my plans for next year. The only thing I can say about that is Hawaii is looking a lot more appealing than decision I have to make next year!

I’ve been wondering where the time went when you didn’t have to make rash decision that change your life. If you’re on the same boat of being 19/20 and not sure when everything got so hard, you’re not alone!

I’ve been feeling all over the place, I have so much to be excited for and so much too stress about so finding a happy medium is on the top of my current to do list! One foot in front of the other is how I am looking at life at the moment. Hoping I stay motivated to keep a positive mindset!

This is a quick way for you guys to find out something new about me or about life in general. I urge you to do one of these even if you don’t have a blog just write it down and then in a few months write another and note how much you’ve change and the path you’re now taking. I can’t wait to do another one of these in the new year I think it’ll be so interesting!

I found this idea from Shannon on: www.clothesandquotes.com check out her blog she has some amazing content on her blog!

holz xx