October is the time of the year where everything is transitioning, seasons, clothes, makeup etc. it’s actually one of my favourite times of the year. I feel as though it’s a fresh start to change up a few things in my everyday life. So this blog post is a look into what has been new for me over the last few weeks, and what I think you should go out and get now!!Scents are a huge part of my daily routine, I can’t leave the house without something on me. So my current favourite scent has been my YSL Mon Paris, I have started to wear it a lot more coming into the spring time as I feel it’s more suited for this time of the year. I am hopeless at describing scents but the best I can do without telling you to just go and sniff it, would be, a healthy mix between floral and fruity scents. It has amazing lasting power but isn’t over powering. So if you get the chance, go and get a whiff of this perfume in all it’s glory, because I don’t think I’m doing it justice.

So I don’t think this product needs much of an introduction or a description on why I’m talking about it but, The Nars Limited Edition Highlighting Palette is amazing. It has such stunning and wearable colours, I know the average make up consumer would get so much use out of this product. As well as the pan sizes of each products are very decent for the price. If you can get your hands on this before it gets discontinued then I would say do it!

Details are so important to me, I love minor things that bring a whole look together. This is why The Daily Edited phone case is on this list, it’s such a classy case but also very protective. The larger bumper makes it less prone to having your screen cracked, but don’t worry it doesn’t make your phone chunky. I had to restrain myself to not buy every colour and every different way to get my initials on it. So go now and buy one, you won’t regret it!

I love playing around with skin care products, I think they’re so interesting and a blessing when you find something works. So I have been using the Josie Maran Argan Milk and I’m loving it, it helps combat my dehydrated skin without clogging up my pores because it’s that lighter consistency instead of your traditional skin oil. However, I mainly use it to get that glow and radiance to the skin especially for my no make up days, I think it looks so pretty on bare skin.

Layering jewellery has become a long-standing trend for 2017, I love stacking rings and wearing layered necklaces. I do have a trouble with finding individual necklaces that complement one another, so for a quick and easy fix I like to buy necklaces pre-layered (not sure if that is the terminology or not) I find it so good to keep track of and easy to style. My currently favourite has been the Blair Set from Frankly my Dear, they’re an Australian company who hand-make their pieces for the best quality. So defiantly check them out as they have loads of other pieces.



Phone Case

Argan Milk


Holz xx