If you’ve been following on my social medias you would know I have a wee get away to Queenstown for 5 days. I had so much fun there is absolutely no way I wouldn’t share my trip with you guys! It’s such a stunning place I’m so glad I got to see as much as I did for the short time we were there.

Before almost missing our flight from Christchurch to Queenstown we got ourselves in a rush to the airport to only just make it on time (eeek, this sort of stuff stresses me out) Pro Tip: Make 2 alarms!!!

Lucky for us the flight was a short hour and we were on our way to begin out first day in this stunning town. So first things first, we had to see what this place had to offer. we cruised around the busy town, got a few bits to eat and took some pictures of the stunning landscape!


I’m so obsessed with him!!!

Of course we then had to stop at the iconic Cookie Time Shop and the Remarkable Sweet Shop. Which I will say make sure you are craving something sweet when you go here, because it can became a sugar overload very very quickly!!!

For the next 2 days we were up the mountains skiing and snowboarding. This was my first time skiing and it was a lot easier than I expected. So if you’re contemplating whether to do it or not, I would defiantly say just give it a go! It’s lots of fun and there are so many people there learning so you won’t look out of place at all.

And don’t worry there is always a cafe there for when you get a little over the consistent skiing and need a quick (long) break. I was here every day so no judgement here 😉

After a few days Skiing we headed into Arrowtown which is one the sweetest little towns I’ve ever seen. It’s very photogenic and quiet town with some really cute shops. So we just wondered around here for a few hours and took in all that they had to offer. If you do have an hour or so of down time I would defiantly check Arrowtown out, it’s only 20 mins out of Queenstown.

We finally spent our last 2 days in Wanaka, which is a 45 minute drive out of Queenstown. It’s a very beautiful spot, small, quiet and not as touristy as Queenstown can be, so that was nice change! This was the part of our trip where we spent a lot of time chilling out and where I unfortunately got a bit sick. But I kept going strong and just chucked on a few extra layers.

We couldn’t go to Wanaka and not see the Famous Wanaka Tree. Lucky for us it was super warm in Wanaka for this time of the year, which was awesome so we got to sit on the beach and take in the scenery while also doing a bit of people watching which is always fun!

After that we head back in to the town for a Coffee and found a really cute coffee shack and crépe trailer. We stopped in here and grabbed a coffee then headed back to our cabin and had takeaways for dinner.

Then we headed off after sunset to take photos of the milky way and the stars down at the local lake near we were staying (not sure of the name) but we got some amazing shots like this one below, Daniel took this photo and a few others and they turned out amazing!


I’ve also edited a short video of my trip, hope you enjoy! Let me know if you’ve been to Queenstown or if you’re going to go soon as I’m sure you’re going to have just as an amazing time as I did. Anyways, Thank so much for having a read!