Today’s blog post is a bit different, not many of you know that I’m utterly obsessed with music I have to have it playing everywhere! depending on the song it can completely change my mood, I don’t know where I’d be without music to be completely honest.

So here a few songs that I have been loving for the month of July, and maybe you haven’t heard of some of them before.

  1. Wild Thoughts – Dj Khalid ft. Rihanna and Bryson Tiller I know the whole world is jamming to this song, it’s just too good not to. I can’t ignore the fact that Rihanna and Bryson are my favourite people ever so that might make me a little bias to this song but I’m not mad about it!
  2. Dead – Madison Beer I feel like this song is so relatable to so many people, I mean who hasn’t had someone say to them “I can’t live without you” but is breathing perfectly fine to this day without you. I genuinely just like the story of this song it does make me laugh a little.
  3. My Favourite Part – Mac Miller ft. Ariana Grande Oldie but a goodie, I have started playing this song a lot again lately and my boyfriend & I love the beat of this song so it has slipped it’s way into my favourites for this month.
  4. The Need to Know – Wale ft. SZA This song is very new to me this month but it is the exact vibe that I love in a song so it’s quickly been the song I click onto to listen to as soon as I open spotify.
  5. Escape – Kehlani Just Kehlani full stop. She is an amazing artist so I had to put her into my top 5, this song just gives me slow, calm, sexy vibes! I have the pleasure to be seeing her live in Auckland next month I’m more than over the moon and will let you guys know how amazing it is.


There are also a few albums out that I’m loving:

Bryson Tiller – True to Self

SZA – Ctrl

Kehlani – Sweet Sexy Savage


I urge you to go out and have a listen to these songs and albums and see if your loving these as much as I am. Let me know if there are any songs I should be listening to at the moment.