An outfits never too simple when you add an accessory or 2. I’ve become more than obsessed with wearing the simplest of looks and pairing it with a few details to make it more chic and classy. It’s my greatest fashion hack!

Today I wore a simple button up blouse and blue distressed jeans. I am obsessed with how these two pieces compliment each other.










I’ve gone and paired this look with a classic Gucci belt, trendy mules and a simple black bag. They all individually compliment each other and tie this outfit in to a more sophisticated look than just jeans and a blouse.

Also, a great way to focus on your details is to apply jewellery, this is a great way to express your specific look and to be individual. Personally, I have included my watch and a few rings in this look, but these are my religious pieces of jewellery that I do always wear to help amp every look! I encourage you to find statement pieces that help your look to stay true to you!

The mule trend is defiantly not stopping anytime soon, so I decided to jump on that wagon and try some out, and I’m not disappointed. I mean for Christchurch’s Winter they’re a little chilly, but they’re very easy to slip on and complete this chic look.

Thanks for reading this blog post guys! I am loving these looks at the moment and I hope you’re all staying warm and cute during the winter season. I’m hoping to have more blog posts up soon, so let me know in the comments if there is anything you are wanting me to write about in particular! All links are listed below xxx




Mules – Decjuba


Bag – Decjuba