I’m currently loving to pair stunning blouse’s with the simplest of jeans. I have been reaching for this classy look a lot lately, I think it makes for such an easy to do outfit that looks like you’ve put a lot of effort into. Which comes at no surprise, that it’s one of my favourite ways to style an outfit. 

Here I have paired my newest edition to my blouse collection, it is this stunning polka dot design with a simple black jean and black leather jacket. This was the best way to make the blouse the statement piece as well as keeping it super classy and on an everyday wearable level. I also get the vibe that stripes and polka dots are becoming very trendy lately so I am loving how great this will be in the up coming seasonal styles!











So I have decided to collaborate 2 different ways to style my current favourite blouses. So the second outfit as you can see on the right here, is completely different. I think the distressed jeans give it an edgier look yet the longer coat maintains the class and style within the look. I’ve also gone ahead and paired it with my go to over the ankle boots, and scarf because, as you can tell the wind was throwing me a lot in these pictures!

This completes my two favourite looks with my latest silk blouses, I would like to thank the lovely ladies at The Fable for sending me their beautiful products. If you liked any of these looks please head over to their website as Sophie has an amazing story about how the business was made, and about where your products are coming from! I promise you, you will not be disappointed. As always, links will be listed below – enjoy the rest of your week lovelies xx

Blouse #1 – The Fable

Blouse #2 – The Fable

Black Jeans

Leather Jacket

Blue Jeans

Black Boots

Scarf – h&m

Long Black Coat – h&m