Welcome to the easiest guide to follow for your all year round wardrobe essentials. I’ll be letting you know what you need to keep on hand or that you should be updating often to always have available in your closet. Tip – if you click the read more toggle I promise you’ll be heavily enlightened on your fashion must haves!

I do understand that many reading this blog post, probably think that wardrobe essentials are a personal choice and vary depending on the person. Wrong! Well actually, kind of wrong. Because each of these things you actually have the choice to personalise, or to make it unique to your style. At the end of the day it is all essentially the same thing.

Without further a do, here is my first wardrobe essential:

  1. You need to have 2 standard pairs of different coloured jeans. If you follow me on instagram you will notice my jean choice consists of 2 colours, black and blue. This does not mean that these are the 2 colours you have to have, but you do need the variation to help keep your style versatile.
  2. Basic Tees – You would think that this one goes without saying, however it can come to a time where one doesn’t have a single plain T-shirt. Trust me, we’ve all been there. Hunting through our pointless band tees, and tees with sayings we don’t actually relate to. So with this in mind, make sure you have a least one black, white and/or grey tee.
  3. The easy way to complete an outfit (which I swear by) is Black Boots, they are the answers to all your outfit upsets. I promise, if you have your staple pair of black boots you will never not know what to wear. It will most likely get to the point where when they’re ruined and done their time, you will end up struggling to let them go. So go out now and find your soul mate of a boot!!
  4. This then goes onto another item of foot ware that is an essential, it is the sneaker! I recommend always have a plain white pair of sneakers somewhere in your closet as they always, I mean always, come in handy! However, on the contrary I have been living in my grey old skool vans of late, this is a perfect example of how to integrate your personal style into essential pieces. 
  5. Jewellery, this needs know explanation really. I cannot stress enough the importance of having a simple necklaces, or a few rings ready to go. It is a crucial step on how to bring an outfit together. I am currently obsessing over dainty layering of my necklaces as well as stacker rings! Be creative use what you have to the best of your fashion ability.There you have it, the five essentials that you need all year round. I do recommend updating these pieces as often as you need, you will find yourself living in these items. I have listed all the places I got my essential pieces from below so feel free to shop my wardrobe.



Blue Jeans

Black Jeans


Sneakers are Nike and Vans


Rings are Karen Walker, Stolen Girlfriend and Tiffany & Co