Who doesn’t like new things?! Like, seriously. There is nothing better than a new addition to your makeup and wardrobe, right? So I couldn’t help but mention a few of my new members in my collection from the month of March. WARNING: This may make you want to buy unnecessary (but totally necessary) pieces.

Firstly, and by far my favourite from this month is my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Defused Light, It is a translucent powder that helps to set your foundation and create the most luminous, light on your skin. It stops your concealer and foundation from looking cakey. It also makes your skin silky smooth! I can’t do this product enough justice, just go into your local sephora or mecca and test it out!! You won’t regret it.

My next fav, is a for my make up brushes. Its a spot cleaner, that washes your brushes, well on the spot! It such a huge help when you are creating a look that you need to use the same brush, but with different colours. I can’t believe how long I have gone with this or something similar. It’s such a great purchase, I simply spray my cotton round and swirl my brush through the product and then I’m done! There are many of these available, I have heard that Morphe does a good one as well as Real Techniques, however I have been using the Mecca Cosmetica one.

Next, I have re-found my obsession with my Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette. The colours in this palette are to die for. I have been loving the trend with the copper, red, oranges, browns etc. I think they compliment my brown eyes really well. So this has been the palette I have been reaching for the most lately. It is a little pricey but I am totally getting my moneys worth. I also love to pinterest this palette to get inspiration for looks as it is such a versatile palette.

Lastly I’ve been lovely adding subtle colour to my cheeks and lips. The best I have found to do this, is with these Josie Maran lip and cheek tints. They are really easy to use, and they aren’t too intense it’s the perfect subtle hint of colour. They’re also awesome to put on before your blush. As well is if you blend a lip liner over your lips and then add one of these on top. It’s very wearable for work and school situations.


Thanks for reading, hope you liked this beauty post. I am hoping to do a lot more fashion related posts in the near future, so keep an eye out for those as winter is my favourite season to dress for. If you follow my pinterest you will be well aware that I am overly excited for the cute jackets, beanies, scarfs etc. that are coming this season. The least I can say is that I am excited for that!