For this winter season, I have already chosen my statement piece. It’s this killer Quilted Velvet Bomber. I think everyone loves themselves a go to bomber. However, I have had the same army green bomber for quite sometime now and wanted an update. So I have gone a head and paired my bomber with a grey hoodie, cute blanket scarf, black jeans and my go to chelsea boots. Since moving to Christchurch layers have been essential as the wind and rain have been a recurring friend (as you can probably tell by my hair). This is not only a fab look, but I can also guarantee that this look has complete warmth!!

After a hard morning strolling around and taking pictures, we had to of course stop for a coffee and a bite to eat at the Boat Shed. It’s a totally cute place to stop off at both summer and winter time. It has a local cat that stays there and always appreciates a pet or 2. This spot is also accompanied with a stunning view over the river.

The fact that this jumper is so large, it gives you that option to layer and not be uncomfortable. It makes it so easy to change the look up. I have also gone and paired it my new bag from decjuba. All my items will be listed and link at the end of the blog post.




















This has been one of my favourite looks so far, I really enjoyed getting the images for this outfit! I do hope you enjoyed this too and can take some inspiration from it. Have a good rest of your week guys!