I get questions all the time about how to make an Instagram flow, yet still keep it fun and not too much of a chore. Or how to have a consistent theme through out my entire Instagram. Well here is that post to answer all your dying questions and to provide a guide to help make your Instagram feed your proudest accomplishment.

So firstly, you have to enjoy instagram. It cannot be a chore, or a hassle otherwise you will never be proud of your images or the audience you’re reaching out to.

The best way to make your instagram a hobby and something you enjoy, is to do it for yourself. Only post the pictures and videos that you’re 100% happy with and that you like, I mean who cares if it isn’t someone else’s cup of tea. I mean it is your insta?

Now that we have the out-of-the-way, lets talk about editing this is something that seems to be so heavily frowned upon. I get that photo shopping your body to look like Alexis Renn and adding facial features that make you unrecognisable can be a little confusing to your following. But the kind of editing I love, and applaud is the ones that through a particular cast over the image, or the changing the contrast and focus. Those are key points to making your blog flow.

My favourite app to use to do this is VSCO Cam, I swear by this app. You are able to see how your instagram will look before you make your next post. You are able to crop, change the brightness, contrast, clarity etc. on the app as well as using the many filters they provide. My personal favs are A5, A6, HB1 and HB2 you will be able to tell that those are the ones I use throughout my whole gram by looking at my feed. I have left some screenshots below of the app below.

So you have now got yourself a way to check before you post your photos, filters that are 100x better than the ones instagram provides and a way to crop and edit your picture to be the best they can be. Here is 5 background information and tips to help better your gram:

  1. Flatlays

Flatlays are the best for days that you don’t necessarily take any pictures and you don’t feel cute enough to whip out a selfie right here and now. And it keeps it from constantly posting throw backs. You can chuck together a bunch of your new purchase, your food/drinks, your magazine and laptop, virtually anything really! And aim from a Birdseye view, and bam! You have your flatlay They’re such a good post to have to fill in an absent space on your instagram.

it's cold here ❄️😅

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2.  Post often!

You need to keep your follows up to date, by posting often and being active this also helps to maintain your instagram feed and helps to rise your following base.

3. Post travel pics

Everywhere you go will be somewhere new for somewhere, whether it’s a 2 hour drive from your hometown or if it’s halfway across the world I bet someone who is following you, hasn’t been there. So tag the location, get creative and show off what the world has to offer!

Good Morning New York 🌇

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4. Lighting

Make sure in every picture you try your best to get the best lighting. Go by a window, or wait until your lighting is prime! It can be the difference between a good picture and a great picture.

5. Don’t Delete

Try your hardest not to delete photos, instagram is my favourite place to store my best memories. Whenever I’m bored I go through my feed and can always look back and remember how I was feeling when I posted the photo and remember that specific time in my life. It’s such a cool thing to look back on. No matter how embarrassing!

Your girl turned seventeen.

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As I said in the beginning just enjoy yourself, and make sure your gram pleases your aesthetics and meets your standards. As that’s all that matters and then I promise you everything after that will be an absolute breeze. It will feel like second nature to you.

Thanks for checking this blog post out, hope you’re all doing well !