The last couple of weeks have been a time where I’ve been tested on my ability to stay positive when everything seems to be so far from great. So I thought I’d write a few things on my blog to help anyone else feeling not the best, or generally just need a go to guide to help get through the really unfortunate times that life throws at us.

Self Care

Whenever I’m feeling down, or in a negative space which we all fall into at sometimes, for me this tends to involve another person. So I believe that it’s so important to make sure you’re checking in with yourself, making sure you’re doing okay. It’s all well and good to be the person who puts someone else’ needs before yours. However to be the best version of yourself you have to be consistently taking care of yourself. Which is a full-time job, that never stops. Everyone’s self-care regime works out differently, but take care of yourself and your body as it’s the only place that you have to live.

Understand why you’re feeling this way

Wrap yourself around the root cause of this feeling, this will be the best way to overcome it. If you have someone in your life that is close to you making you feel bad about yourself, get rid of them they’re not worth it. If you are uncomfortable in your living space, move out (I understand this depends on your age and it’s easier said than done). If you’ve faced a loose or an unexplained change, remember to cherish everything, and be grateful on the time you spent with that person, or in that position. Take the time to better your life by loving everything good in your life, and by cutting out the things as best as possible that make you feel less than amazing.

Get inspiration

Once I’ve done the two previous steps, I look for inspiration from those around me. I look at the happiness that they attain and how they do it. I get this from so many people in my life, however there is one person in particular that showed me the importance of happiness and life, that I will forever hold dear to my heart and she will continue to inspire me for the rest of my life. In saying this, your inspiration doesn’t have to be from people in your real life, this can be on your socials like; instagram, or watching youtube videos, to just blog post ect. I also don’t mean to look at all the superficial things, (otherwise you’ll probably have a huge debt coming your way) so look further than that stuff, have good old stalk on their journey. Everyone starts somewhere.

Look back on how far you’ve come

Which brings me to my next key point, look at how far you’ve come! You can probably remember back a to specific day where you thought that this wasn’t going to get better and there wasn’t any point. But look at you, you’ve made it this far already. You’re living proof that you can get through any situation, life doesn’t dish out stuff that we can’t handle. Stop counting the days and make the days count. There will come a day where you will be wishing you could go back and live in a particular moment for just a little bit longer.

Revisit your goals

Lastly, remind yourself what your goals are. Remind yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing, and this may help to change a few things in your life if you have a few question marks around. Do everything with passion and know that it’s going to help benefit your well-being in the long-term.