To explain my lack of blog posts and social media, I HAVE JUST MOVED OUT. Some of you may have already known this. But I moved down to the South Island, to Christchurch with my Boyfriend. I am super excited to experience a different lifestyle down here and to meet a bunch of new people. This blog post is just an update on whats going on and to keep coming back, as I am still here and will be updating my blog a lot more frequently!

There are so many reasons why I moved to Christchurch, but despite all of them, I am over the stoked with my decision and I feel like this is going to be a good for me in so many ways. I thought I would show you all a quick snippet of my room, as we are not nearly done decorating it. So if you would like to see a proper Room Decor post in the future, let me know as I would be happy to do that!

So here is our bed that we have put together, I’m very lucky to have Daniel agree with my pink additions. Wasn’t too sure how that would go down.

I’m super happy with how this portion of the room has panned out. I have links to everything you see in these photos below. Everything I have used is very affordable, and easy to get your hands on or find something similar enough. Most of my inspiration for my decor comes from Pinterest, so be sure to be following me on their too for more ideas.

There will be many changes with our room, no doubt. However, I’m super excited for the memories that will be made here and the good times ahead. I will defiantly miss my home back in Auckland, but you can’t get rid of me that easy! I’ll be back soon enough.

Fluff pillow, blanket, and mugs are all from K-mart

Duvet, sheets and pillow cases are all from Briscoes

The ‘D’ and ‘H’ are from Typo

The crate bed was made by Daniel!