If you couldn’t tell already, I love to shop. Whether I should be buying as much as I do is debatable. The worst thing is New Zealand isn’t as fashion forward as I would prefer to be, as well as we have unrealistic prices on our products. So I have put together a few¬†online stores that I love to shop at, that you could also go and check out if you’re interested. See shops below:

Asos – This is hands down my number one favorite places to online shop at. It has free international shipping which is a win, and their range online is insanely huge. They also have so much stock coming in and out making what you purchase, somewhat unique but also not crazy impossible to get your hands on. It also means they have great sale opportunities too! I have to applaud their ability to cater to every season as well, it’s so good for smaller countries that have opposite seasons to the US/UK etc.

The Iconic – The Iconic is an Australian store, however it does offer free shipping to New Zealand with purchases over $50, which isn’t hard to do. Their shipping also comes the next business day too, so if you need something for a last-minute event and you live in NZ or Australia, this should be your go to!! They have a large size of brands, at good prices. They also have awesome sales on their shoes and at the end of season, this is what makes them so appealing to me.

Princess Polly – This is a great Australian Boutique that is always so on trend. Anything that you’ve seen popping up lately Princess Polly will have it, they also range great beauty and accessory brands. Out of most of the Australian boutiques I’ve searched this would have to be the most unique, best priced, one I’ve come across so far.

Urban Outfitters – I thought I would include this store, as for most countries this is actually a physical store. But in NZ we are yet to have Urban on our streets yet. I do very much appreciate that they ship to New Zealand at only $10.00 and then it’s free over $50. I get a lot of questions about my Calvin Klein’s, majority of them are from Urban Outfitters or The Iconic. They also stock so many brands and styles that aren’t available in NZ or are way over priced here.

Nasty Gal – Nasty gal has some of the coolest on trend looks, and models who rock it. They do so well to keep to their original vintage theme, they have some amazing branded vintage bags and accessories. The prices do very, so keep in mind that you may want to put a limit on yourself. As the stuff is cute but can be a little bit pricey!


Enjoy these little stores and I hope I haven’t damaged your wallet too much. Let me know if you end up purchasing anything from these stores too!