One of the only things I’m sure about in my life right now is that Pyjamas will always make any situation better. I have a habit of getting home and getting straight into my pyjamas, I guess you can call it more of a hobby. One of the the most common things people compliment me on when they come to my house is my sleepwear collection, I have 2 draws dedicated to my PJ’s. If you share this obsession with me, please let me know so we can sit in PJ’s all day together.

I have an idea in my head of every outfit I want to wear, before it’s on. Which is defiantly a downer when you chuck something on and it looks like complete shit. But I feel that fashion never sleeps, so why stop being cute when you sleep. I adore the tracky and singlet look don’t get me wrong, I still think girls pull that look off 100% but nothing can beat the feeling of a cute 2 piece pj set or an easy nighty to jump into.

So, obviously I thought I’d chuck together my favorite pajamas, because some days are just not worth putting a bra on. If you live in New Zealand/Australia I’m sure you’re more than aware of Peter Alexander Pyjama’s, these are the comfiest, cutest pj’s out. I do purchase most of mine from here as they are my go to, and who can resist the Glasshouse Scents pulling you through the door.

Peter Alexanders leg warmer pants are the comfiest and warmest pants you will ever wear! They are the best to take camping and wear throughout the winter time, They’re the best as they don’t roll up your legs in the night as well. I’m so obsessed and they come in so many different styles and designs, go and check them out!!

Their bralette’s are so comfy and go with anything you wear, I have had this one for the longest time and I swear it’s so worth the money. They are so cooling and comfortable to wear to bed especially in the Summer time.

Hands down this shirt gown is the my favourite from their range, it gives that gossip girl feel to it. I wear this all through summer and its super light and easy to pack if you want to take it travelling!

I can’t say enough good things about their dressing gowns, they are the softest material I have ever felt. Probably not ideal for winter but with Aucklands weather I’m sure you could get away with it! Go and buy one now, you won’t regret it. I have close ups below of the detail on the front of the gown.

So cute!!


If you head over to Peter Alexander now, you can get 20% off when you buy 2 or more of their products! Maybe something I have on show got your mind flowing for some ideas on how to style your night looks!

Happy shopping!!!