Happy twenty seventeen. I’m more than glad to welcome a new year in, I know many people think all this new year stuff is cheesy or pointless. But overall I love the idea of a fresh start, or a new beginning. Whether it be the start of a New Year, New month, New week or New day. I love knowing you can start fresh whenever you want. Anyways, this blog post isn’t meant to be mushy so keep reading to see how I’ve organised the first 12 days of twenty seventeen!


When it comes to organising with planners and diaries etc. I have to make sure I find the cutest things as an incentive to keep using what I’ve brought. In my previous post you’ve probably notice what my aesthetic consists of marble, rose gold, greys and blush pink. So you would know I wouldn’t be able to stray all that far from that theme. This year I have changed  up from my traditional yearly diary, I have gone with an opener planner to sit on my desk so I actually read what I have written. I have also chucked in note-book to jot down anything that I need. I’ll keep you updated with how this layout works for me, but I have high hopes for it.

Something I’m wanting to do more of this year is to start reading more. So to start this year off I read page to page of a the new Miss FQ mag. I know this doesn’t really count as “reading” as such but still throughly enjoyed it. I also went out and purchased the #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso for my first read of the year, which I have flicked through and think is going to be perfect for me.

I always have to chuck my laptop into my New Years Must-Haves, as I also do go through it at the start of a new year and freshen it up from the previous year. It’s also the best thing I own, I use it for everything. So if you are contemplating buying a computer (I vote mac) I’d say do it!! You won’t regret it. You can also personalise it and make it cute to suit you.


I don’t usually make new years resolutions, because either I forget them or I don’t complete them. However this year I have already thought of so many things I want to accomplish this year, so here a few I’ve come up with:

  1. Live in the moment. I find myself constantly missing moments that have gone by, or jumping to get to something that’s coming up because it’s more exciting. I want to enjoy every second as it is.
  2. Let go of those who let me go. I will not hold onto those who don’t hold on to me. Remember every relationship is 50/50 not 60/40.
  3. TRAVEL – If you’ve met me in person you would know very well of my wandering dreams. I want to see every corner of this world.
  4. As I mentioned early, I want to read A LOT more.
  5. Care for my body, drink more water, exercise, eat better. I know this sounds soooo typical, but I am not strict on myself in any way, and probably won’t be for a very long time. But I do want to be more aware of what I am eating/drinking etc. this year.
  6. Work hard on my blog, and put more content up. I want to have a weekly amount of blogs put up. It’s only new but I am absolutely loving blogging.
  7. Expand my knowledge on Fashion. I love fashion so much at the moment, I want to know more about the world of fashion.
  8. Learn how to use more cameras and videography. I love taking photos, I want to learn more about Cameras in general and start to embrace on what they are capable of. I also want to learn more on videography for travel vlogs, fashion look books and to just have the knowledge.

This is all I have so far, I’m sure they will chop and change as the days go on. I can’t wait to look back on this in a years time and see how much I’ve accomplished and far I’ve strayed from these resolutions.

That’s all from me, so have a good rest of your week and enjoy twenty seventeen!!