Christmas is my favourite time of the year, I love the festivity and the vibes that this season brings. So I hope you’re having a good December so far and you’re as excited as I am for Christmas Day.

I know that Christmas is a very traditional Red, white and green aesthetic, however this year I have infused a modern take on our Christmas, using my all time favourite colours (black, rose gold and marble) to bring a new look into this Christmas. See below for how I accomplished this:

This years Christmas tree is made out of two tall thin plywood pieces. Which is then painted black through out, and finishing with a rose gold tip. We also added the copper lights to complete the look and stay within our colour choices. The tree is mainly a DIY which makes it super easy to recreate or put your own spin on it.

For gift wrapping, I used a White Marble and Copper paper from Miss Mouse Boutique and then I added a third paper from Typo which is the white paper with gold splatters. I also included name tags from Typo which completed the gift wrapping well.  Around this time of the year it’s very easy to find wrapping that will best suite your theme, so go have a look around online and in stores as this is a very important step in creating your own Christmas aesthetic.

Thanks for reading, this should’ve helped spark some festivity into your Holiday season if you’ve been feeling low on your Christmas dosage. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas, stay safe and eat as much food as possible!!